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The Official Kum Livejournal Community

Spitters are Quitters.

The Official Sam/Kurt Livejournal Community
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"i want to thank you all... especially sam."
"we can protect you."

1. Stay on topic, unless it's an OT or spam post. OT/Spam posts can only be made by Mods. News regarding the actors is considered on-topic, even if it has nothing to do with the pairing. Topics like Karofsky are off-topic.
2. When posting fic, please put the fic under a cut. Otherwise, it'll be deleted. Learn how to make an LJ cut here. Above the cut please list the title, author, rating, pairings, author notes, warnings, a summary and disclaimers.
3. Please post large photos - those that go beyond the width of 700 pixels - under a cut. And keep your videos width to a nice regular size. Messing with the layout is a no-no.
4. ALL SPOILERS MUST BE UNDER A CUT. Recently aired episodes are considered spoilery for a 24 hour time period.
5. Tag your shit, muddah fackah. Keep it organized. Do not create tags that don't follow the current form of organization. Don't create tags like 'pairing: sam/kurt' when 'ship: sam/kurt' already exists.
6. Don't link our members to entries - fic, graphics, etc - that are friends locked. We don't want to have to join your community just to read a story.
7. Don't promote your community here without permission of the mods, even if it does relate to Glee.
8. Refrain from bashing other members.

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